“This is my fourth time to Walkabout. I love this retreat. Not only do I work out in a majestic place…the food is delicious! I’ve made so many friends here from different cultures and backgrounds… What I am most thankful for is the kindness from everyone here. Last visit I lost 8 lbs…left feeling strong and proud of myself.”  Alexa E – Oklahoma

“What a luxury! I am just back from a wonderful week at Walkabout Ridge. This is self-care taken to the highest power, presided over by the beautiful and wise Wilhelmina, who claims to be 78 (You will have trouble believing that). The combination of light but delicious meals and the structure, will not only help you lose weight, but also ignite your confidence.”
Mary K. – Oregon

“Wonderful! Just what I needed after a stressful year. In general I am a pretty healthy person, but had a very stressful year, and resorted to Oreos and Pop Tarts. Walkabout Ridge got me back on track. The food is healthy with lots of fresh veggies and lean meats. The location is beautiful. The hiking guides are top notch. Amazing massages, daily morning exercises, stretching, hikes and walks. All you have to do is show up with a good attitude and hiking boots.”
Laura H – Colorado

“I’m still smiling after a beautiful week of fellowship, hiking and delicious food. This was my 4th visit, and though many come specifically to lose weight, I come for the opportunity to unplug from the office and enjoy the trails, guest fellowship, the wonderful food. The accommodations are very comfortable, the views extraordinary and lounging in the hot tub at the end of the day is magical, whether under the stars or with falling snowflakes. I always drop pounds but more importantly feel incredibly refreshed. I always look forward to a return visit.”
Holly – Colorado

“It has been almost 2 months since my wife and I attended your fitness camp. What a life changing experience for both of us. We feel and look better. My back pain has subsided. I am healing! Thank you forgiving us a great experience and making a huge difference in our lives.”
Ron M – Colorado

“I just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you how grateful and happy I am with the week I spent at Walkabout Ridge. You made us feel comfortable, relaxed and welcome. It is hard to believe that such a short time can help to alter the course of a life. It has been a turning point in my life that had suffered from exhaustion, frustration. I was at a dead end. I thought I was not up to this challenge, but the wonderful guides and the scenic places awoke my body and spirit.”
Joyce S – New York

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Fitness Tip of the Month

“A woman’s best cosmetic is her smile.”