“What a life changing experience for both of us.  Since we had to leave a day early, we continued the diet you prescribe.  In addition, we are walking every day and taking hikes whenever time allows. I wanted to lose 10 lbs., and as of today I have dropped 12 lbs.  We feel and look better.  Just wanted to say thanks to you for giving us a great experience and making a huge difference in our lives!” Ron and Sue – Colorado

“I just wanted to drop a quick note to tell how grateful and happy i am with the week i spent at your beautiful facility in evergreen. You made us feel comfortable, relaxed and welcome.   It is hard to believe that such a short time can help to alter the course of a life.  It has been a turning point in my life that had suffered from exhaustion, frustration and i was at a dead end. Thank you for your kindness and inspiration.  The meals were delicious and redirected my taste buds away from destructive habits. I thought I was not up to this challenge, but the wonderful guides and the scenic places awoke my body and spirit.”  Joyce – New York

“This retreat and Wilhelmina changed my life and I highly recommend it.  I lost 9 1/2 lbs that week and truly consider this one of the greatest experiences and lessons learned.”   Anka – Colorado Springs, CO

“Wilhelmina – Thank you for teaching us about “the quality of life”.   You are an inspiration!   I loved the hiking excursions,  cooking classes and great advice.  What a life changing experience.  Thank you.”    Gina – Pueblo, CO

“Dear Wilhelmina – Thank you for a great week and for being such a great hostess.  My sister and I loved the time together.   Thank you for decreasing my sugar craving!  I feel stronger.   Hope to see you again.”     Eva – CA

“Wilhelmina –  Thank you for this memory and lessen for life.   What a special treat to have met you , and nice to go home with a little class. Love, “ Tiniesha – Pueblo, CO

“Today is our last day with you. A great chapter and you have shown me that with your diet and exercise, the body does respond. I have also learned what and how to control my diabetes. You have a great, positive spirit which added fun to our week. The meals were great! The view is beautiful – an inspirational spot. Warmly,” Olivia – CO

“Walkabout Ridge is a great place. I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons. It’s a great kick-start!”
Angie – CO

“Walkabout Ridge is a special place, nestled in the beautiful woods above Evergreen. Truly enjoyed your guides, and each hiking excursion had its own special beauty. Thank you for the wonderful healthy food, and the lessons about food and daily stretching, and getting the exercise your body needs to stay healthy and vital.” Debbie – CO

“Thank you so much for a great program that works, and I am very happy with the amount of weight I have lost. The food was great and all the walks were beautiful. I shall continue the trend of eating healthy and exercise to reach and maintain my ideal weight.” Allie – San Francisco, CA

“I am so thankful that both my daughters have met you. Thank you for the gorgeous walks, spectacular meals and your warm hospitality. I am thrilled to leave 10 lbs. lighter and getting much more toned. We will continue to exercise and serve your wonderful recipes at home.” Sherri – San Francisco, CA

“It was the best of times…I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed Walkabout Ridge and your hospitality. I arrived safely home and my husband said I looked great.” Margaret Kishpaugh, Conroe, TX

…I have been telling all of my friends about Walkabout Ridge. I want to try to get a group of them to come back with me next Spring. If I could come back sooner I would!” Leslie Goldstein, San Francisco, CA

“Hello Wilhelmina, I just wanted to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all the guidance and support I got from you while I was there. I gained and lost a great deal from my visit. I gained wisdom and lost pounds. Not only did I lose 13 lbs. while I was there, the following week I was down 20 lbs. Not bad in just 2 weeks. You are awesome and I cannot thank you enough for everything.” Lou Ann, FL

“I want to tell you, the things I’ve learned this week are so helpful, and have made me feel so good. You have given me the strength and fitness needed to start the rest of my life into being healthy and looking good. Also feeling happy about myself.” Leslie Stack, CT

“What a fabulous jumpstart to a wonderful summer! Thank you for taking me to great heights and encouraging me every step of the way. The hot tub was a welcome treat at the end of the excursions, and the massages worked out the kinks that were still left over. I enjoyed every meal AND ate every bite. I feel so much better today than I did just 6 days ago.” Candace Love, CO

“Dear Wilhelmina, I am so very blessed to have met you, and your wonderful spirit. My life is forever changed for the better because of your inspiration and help. Will always be a non-smoker and improving my life to be a healthier person.” Deborah Knowles, CA

“Walkabout Ridge far exceeded my expectations. I never knew what fitness really meant until after my week with Wilhelmina. Thanks for a wonderful kick start to my fitness program. I will be back. 9 pounds lost!” Judy Ming-Inchcup, Bermuda

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Fitness Tip of the Month

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